Ball Hockey
(Summer & Fall 2022)


For the first 4 weeks of the season we will be doing a drop in style set up to gauge interest for the league and to give everyone a chance to get back into the swing of things. Click here to join the Bloxo group for the drop in games. Come June 28th, we will be assembling teams and going forward with a more formal and set schedule until the end of the season. Click below to register for a team.

DATES: May 31st – Nov. 1st.

TIME: Tuesday’s 6:30 – 9:30

COST: $5 per game (Drop in) and $40 for the season once teams start up.

How to Join: Follow the steps below…

  1. Register for our private group on the Bloxo app, called “Halifax PLAYS Ball Hockey (Summer 2022)“… This app will be used to post games, have players join + RSVP + pay, track participants, etc.

  2. From here, sessions will be posted each week on Bloxo. These will likely be posted by the prior Friday (we will do our best).

  3. Use the app to join + pay for any games you drop into. Cost is $5 per play. 

Questions?: Please contact us @
Hope to see you folks out on the court with us soon: JOIN ON BLOXO HERE.
And please do spread the word!