Halifax PLAYS


Registration Is Now Open for Autumn 2023!

League Format: friendly pick-up/scrimmage format.

TIME: Thursdays @ 8:00 – 9:30pm

running approximately 11 weeks from Aug 17th to October 26th!!! (Weather depending)

COST: Just $25 per person!

Equipment Required:
To ensure the safety of players, a helmet with face-mask (hockey or lacrosse) & gloves (hockey or lacrosse) are required. Lacrosse/hockey elbow pads & mouth-guards are also strongly recommended but optional, although players not wearing these do so at their own risk. Bring both a light and dark coloured shirt each week for team selection. 


Rules: Masters Lacrosse rules will apply for gameplayhttp://lacrossens.ca/page.php?page_id=115977… And games will be self-officiated this year

All genders, skill levels, and ages (19+) are welcome. Limited spots available.

The main goal of Halifax PLAYS is to provide a friendly, fun-first, safe environment to play recreational sport, while also providing an affordable & accessible registration fee. We are also a 100%-volunteer-run non-profit, hence rely on many volunteers to make each season a success and are always thankful for their contributions, so please get in touch if you can volunteer!