Registration Closed. Stay tuned for future Lacrosse leagues


League Format: friendly pick-up/scrimmage format.

TIME: Thursdays @ 8:15pm

running approximately 8 weeks from September 2nd to October 21st!!! (weather and pandemic depending)

COST: Just $25 per person!

Drop-in fees will be $5 per player which will have to be e-transferred to Halifax PLAYS, but players must still register on our website due to Covid-19 regulations and full season registration is preferred due to Covid-19 logistics.
Equipment Required:
To ensure safety of players, a helmet with face-mask (hockey or lacrosse) & gloves (hockey or lacrosse) are required. Lacrosse/hockey elbow pads & mouth-guards are also strongly recommended but optional, although players not wearing these do so at their own risk. Bring both a light and dark coloured shirt each week for team selection. Masks also required until after Covid-19 screening at arrival each week.


Rules: Masters Lacrosse rules will apply for gameplay… And games will be self-officiated this year

Finally, there will be COVID-19 protocols/ restrictions in effect, applied through the season:
  • When you arrive, there will be a MANDATORY COVID-19 check-in/ screening by a volunteer. This will include asking about potential symptoms (please do not come if you have even one COVID-19 symptom, which is a requirement consistent with those from Lacrosse NS). Please be truthful during the screening, or else we may need to kick you out. Should you request it, Halifax PLAYS will also be happy to issue partial refunds for games missed for reasons related to COVID (e.g. self-isolation), player safety comes first.
  • You will also be asked to sanitize your hands, do a temperature check upon coming to the game, and to show up with masks, which must be worn during the screening period to protect our volunteer(s) but can be taken off once you enter the rink after being cleared.
  • Coming on time & NOT early is also important… We have a disability lacrosse club practicing right before us, and our rental contract is explicit in making clear that NO ONE from the PLAYS group can enter the rink until AFTER the previous group has COMPLETELY left and the facility’s high-touch surfaces have been sanitized by their volunteers(s).
  • Connected to the above, we also ask that all outfield players come to lacrosse dressed in full gear, with a reminder that we require helmets & gloves to be worn at all times (similar to past seasons). Goalies may put on gear when they arrive but are asked to socially distance while doing so, and players should similarly socially distance when not playing as much as possible.
  • Spectators are discouraged from coming, but if they do, should wear masks and would required to be always at least 6 feet or more from the field of play. They will need to go through the same COVID-19 checklists, with us needing to take contact info for contact tracing.
  • There should also be no sharing of water bottles or personal equipment, and players should similarly not touch sticks, balls or other shared equipment without hockey/ lacrosse gloves, which are required to be worn at all times.
  • Similarly, please refrain from handshakes, high fives or other forms of unnecessary physical contact (air high fives okay 🙂
  • A reminder too that standard protocols under Halifax PLAYS’ Disciplinary Policy apply (summary here)… Key here is that no alcohol is allowed at any time, there should be no fighting/ threatening gestures made to players/ volunteers & all folks must be treated with respect.
And with this, please know that us volunteer(s) do reserve the right to quickly shut things down for a week or more if COVID-19 numbers are felt to be too high. Here, we do also ask to please notify us if you or a close contact tests positive for COVID-19. Should this happen, we would consult with NS Public Health to determine next steps, including any isolation requirements for players or when folks would be cleared for a return.

Note that league details may change due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation.

All genders, skill levels, and ages (19+) are welcome. Limited spots available.

The main goal of Halifax PLAYS is to provide a friendly, fun-first, safe environment to play recreational sport, while also providing an affordable & accessible registration fee. We are also a 100%-volunteer-run non-profit, hence  rely on many volunteers to make each season a success and are always thankful for their contributions, so please get in touch if you can volunteer!