Wlecoming to players of all ages (19+), genders and skill levels, this is ideal for folks looking to learn volleyball or wanting non-competitive ways to get active & meet friends. Very laid back environment with rules like no hard spikes, rotating players & second chance serves. An emphasis on exercise, teamwork, and fun!

This program is meant for average volleyball players who have a decent bit of experience and are looking for a good level of play but still nothing overly competitive. Environment is still fun-first and supportive, with teamwork, setting and rotations emphasized. Great for folks looking to get active with team sports!

This program is meant for advanced and rather experienced volleyball players who have likely played at a competitive level in the past (e.g. high school, university or higher). Such players know about formations, may prefer positional play & like quality volleyball. More details in the link below, make sure to give it a good check.


Volleyball will run in adherence to COVID-19 guidelines from the province, Volleyball NS & Halifax PLAYS. Some programs may be paused as well.