Recreational Volleyball (Drop-in)

Welcoming players of all ages (19+), genders and skill levels, this program is ideal for folks looking to learn volleyball or seeking non-competitive ways to get active and meet new friends. A very laid-back environment with rules like no hard spikes and second-chance serves. Emphasizing exercise, teamwork, and fun!

Intermediate Volleyball

This league is open to everyone comfortable with an intermediate level of play. It is not suitable for those wanting to learn how to play volleyball. In that case, you should be registering for the recreational league above. Participants should possess consistent serving, passing, and setting skills. Spiking and blocking are encouraged. Despite the competitive setting, participants are expected to behave in a friendly and respectful manner. The main goal is to have fun! If you are looking for higher skill level volleyball, please see the advanced volleyball league below.

NEW! Volleyball Drills (Drop-in)

Come practice your serving, attacking, blocking, defense, and 5-1 positions! Tailored towards intermediate level players, but everyone is welcome.

Advanced Volleyball

This program is meant for experienced volleyball players who have played at a competitive level in the past (e.g. high school or university). Such players know about positions/switching/stacking and are seeking quality volleyball play.

Volleyball will run in adherence to COVID-19 guidelines from the Province of Nova ScotiaVolleyball NS, and Halifax PLAYS.