Halifax PLAYS

Semi-Intermediate Volleyball

Summer 2024

Thank you for your interest in the Summer 2024 season of Halifax PLAYS Intermediate Volleyball.

SKILL LEVEL AND SPIRIT: This league is open to everyone comfortable with a mix of beginner and intermediate level of play. It is not suitable for those wanting to learn how to play volleyball. In that case, you should be registering for the recreational league (see https://halifaxplays.com/volleyball/). Participants should possess consistent serving, passing, and setting skills. Spiking and blocking are encouraged. Despite the competitive setting, participants are expected to behave in a friendly and respectful manner. The main goal is to have fun! If you are looking for higher skill level volleyball, please visit https://halifaxplays.com/volleyball/ for information on the advanced volleyball league.

FORMAT: There will be 4 teams which may be changed and rotated based on the players’ choice through the allotted time.

LOCATION: Mount Saint Vincent University (Mount Fitness Center) – 131 Lumpkin Rd, Halifax, NS B3M 2J6
DATES/TIMES: Tuesdays from 8 pm to 9:55 pm. June 4- Aug 27
WHO CAN PLAY?: Anyone over the age of 19 who meets the skill level requirements

HOW TEAMS WORK: We create the teams with an emphasis on mixing things up and competitive balance. The teams are not set for the entire season. They may change through the game if the organizers and players collectively decide to (based on majority) 

MORE INFO: Please contact halifaxplays.sivolleyball@gmail.com

COVID-19 means that rules are fluid and subject to change. We are currently finalizing a detailed return-to-play plan specific to each program & consistent with provincial guidance, the latest version of which can be found @ halifaxplays.com/volleyball/rules/