Halifax PLAYS

Our Volunteers

Volunteers are the heart of the Halifax PLAYS organization. Indeed, our organization’s whole concept is based on the idea that volunteers will step up to the plate to organize leagues, and to put it simply, having no volunteers to help us out means having no Halifax PLAYS.

In recognition of the amazing work done by so many of our volunteers, we are linking here a list of some of the Halifax PLAYS’ key former volunteers. All these individuals had helped us in tremendous capacities over the years, & without their extra-ordinary work, Halifax PLAYS simply would not be where it is today. Inevitably though, the list of people we have recognized as key volunteers are too short: simply, it would not be feasible to list all the scores of people who have helped Halifax PLAYS run its leagues over the years. Every little piece of help that people offer- from running a league to serving on the Halifax PLAYS Board to taking apart a net- can go a long way to make sure everything runs smoothly. So: To all our volunteers, big & small, thank you for making PLAYS a success!

Becoming A Volunteer

Despite the tremendous help we have already gotten, Halifax PLAYS needs more volunteers to keep its leagues going, and as such, we are always looking for more help! While there are many positions of need, some of which are listed below, our most urgent requirement is to get more volunteers willing to organize leagues. If you have plans for your dream sports league we can help you make it a reality!

We help by providing the knowledge, tools, and connections that will help your league succeed. This includes tangible elements such as organizational templates, financial assistance, and equipment. We also provide a wealth of knowledge and experience through our volunteer network. As well as advertising to our greater community of 4,500+ players and members!

Want more info?
Ready to get involved?

To get an idea of the many volunteer positions available & how you could help, please see below:​

  • League Organizers
  • Organizing Committee Member
  • Youth Soccer Coaches: Being a role model for and supervising children in our youth soccer league, while also being able to run some drills & practice sessions to improve their skills
  • Legal Adviser: Providing legal advice and/ or representation if needed
  • Website Assistance: Helping to edit & update our website
  • Team Captains: Setting & cleaning up equipment, ensuring your players come to games, reporting scores, representing your team during captains’ meetings, and much more.
  • Equipment Transporter: Transporting equipment to & from league facilities
  • Copy-Maker: Printing/ copying documents, such as waivers, for distribution to all players
  • Team-Maker: Creating & balancing teams using guidelines
  • Rule-Maker: Creating rules for some of our leagues
  • Drivers: Driving people who need rides to games
  • Medical/ First Aid Volunteer: Assisting injured players inc ase it is necessary
  • Phone Receptionist: Having your number visible on our site & answering general inquiries
  • Promotions/ Advertising: Finding ways to effectively & cheaply spread the word about us; this could also include making or helping post flyers or other promotional materials for leagues

If you are willing to volunteer in some capacity, please contact us @ halifaxplays@gmail.com, & let us know how you would like to help out in the league. However, if you are to volunteer for a position which requires a lot of work on a regular basis (e.g. being a captain or working as an organizer), we ask that you only volunteer if you are consistently able to complete your duties. 
In sum: Please volunteer a hand, as we really need your help!