Halifax PLAYS SC-Soccer

The following content is for Halifax PLAYS Semi-Competitive Co-Ed Futsal season (Winter 2023), being played on Saturday evenings, from January 28 to April 22, 2023

The SPIRIT: The league is geared towards players with decent experience playing soccer and an intermediate to advanced skill level, but all are expected to always hold themselves in high regards of sportsmanship. Even if games at a more advanced + competitive level than our other soccer offerings (e.g. scores count, there’s standings, etc.), the priority is still to have fun & have all enjoy the games safely.

REGISTRATION FORMAT: Games will be 5 vs. 5. This is a co-ed league, and there should always be at least 1 female-identifying or non-binary player at all times in a game OR else a team should play with only 4 male-identifying players. No one can play on multiple teams.

GAMES FORMAT: 55-minute games (you can either play a straight game without breaks OR take a maximum 5-minute break at some point in the game – teams should use thier discretion on this). Teams should try to come on time or a few minutes early to make sure they are ready to play.

LOCATION: Halifax Independent School (3331 Connaught Avenue, Halifax NS)

DATES/ TIMES: Saturday evenings @ 5:30-7:30 PM (55-minute games), with ~11 playing weeks starting Jan 28

WHO CAN PLAY?: Players of all ages (19+) and genders are welcome. This league is designed more towards experienced players, but the intended spirit is very much fun-first, with sportsmanship a must throughout.

PAYMENTS: There will be a team registration fee of $450, with each team recommended to have between 7-8 players. Team captains should send this amount via Interac to halifaxplays.scsoccer@gmail.com and players should coordinate with their captains to ensure that they are paying their fair share.

There are also two individual teams, with costs of $60 per player…This is paid during the registration process.

Here, please note that our league this season is running at just-break-even/ a slight deficit, in an effort to keep costs affordable, hence folks who want to & are able are encouraged to provide an optional contribution of $5-20 extra to help cover costs. Equity-related fee discounts also available to those who need support with fees.

HOW TEAMS WORK: Those registering should choose their relevant team when asked (e.g. Akue’s Team, Ifo’s Team. Tim’s Team, Shitangshu’s Team or the Free Agent Team). Free agents should indicate the team that was assigned to them in correspondence with the semi-competitive organizers.

MORE INFO: Please contact halifaxplays.scsoccer@gmail.com if you have questions.

See you on the Futsal court!

Questions? Give us a shout @ halifaxplays.scsoccer@gmail.com