Halifax PLAYS

Board of Directors

Last elected by Full Members (i.e. volunteers) in July 2021, our Board of Directors is in charge of the “big picture” side of our organization. For instance, the Board makes decisions on what leagues to pursue, creates general resources to help organizers with their tasks, determines how PLAYS funds should be distributed, & recruits organizers for programs. Although not in all cases, Board members often organize their own leagues or have lots of organizing experience in the past. Being on the Board requires a lots of volunteerism & are often folks who have impressed with exemplary service as organizers/ volunteers at our programs: Thank you Board Members!

Gil Richard


Nikheel Premsagar

Co-Founder and VP Finance

Andrew Tyne

VP Facilities

Jay Gajjar

VP Technology

Our Past Board Members

We also wish to acknowledge our “retired” board members. Without the help of these wonderful people, Halifax PLAYS would not be be where it is today! 

  • Iain Taylor
  • Krystian Dudzinski
  • Ed Murphy
  • Binoj Daivashayam
  • Jennifer Purvis
  • James Buranyi
  • Mary-Coleen Lawrence

Staff Members

We have had many staff members since the inception of Halifax PLAYS all serving in different fields and capacities. Here we would like to recognize the current employees of Halifax PLAYS as well as our past workers who helped build the organization for what it is today!

Shitangshu Roy

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Jordan Hibbert

Recreation Director