Halifax PLAYS

Halifax PLAYS only runs because of the ongoing effort of many incredible volunteers behind the scenes. Our model is to empower local leaders to create sport programs in their vision, and our success comes from the dedication of volunteer organizers to make our programs affordable, accessible and fun for all. And in that spirit, we would like to highlight this January the work of the wonderful Luis Armando Cordero, co-organizer of our soccer and tennis programs.

Luis first got involved at Halifax PLAYS in a similar way that many do… He was looking for a way to play his favorite sport of soccer but had difficulty finding suitable options that were not overly competitive or expensive. After a few years of searching, he came across PLAYS in 2019 and after some time as a player, he decided to get more involved in the organization, taking the step to become a co-organizer in 2021 and even starting up our first-ever tennis program.


Those who have taken part in leagues run by Luis often cite one thing above all… That he is incredibly welcoming and friendly. This goes beyond simply being “nice” on the field but truly speaks to his character as a friend and teammate to many. One player exclaimed that “his steady, cool demeanor makes you feel welcomed and that you belong.” Another noted that Luis “approached us with the biggest smile and asked how we were doing during the drop-in league  out of the blue,” adding that he was “one of the most genuine people ever.”. His love for sport and willingness to invite friends to PLAYS was also mentioned, as well as his willingness to help others through offering rides, picking up equipment and so much more.


When we asked Luis for what advice he would give to new folks thinking about volunteering at PLAYS, he shared to “have fun and get to know the players!” And for an organization built on creating community well beyond the sports field, that truly is some sage advice.


In recognition of his hard work, and thanks to donations from Sportwheels, Cabin Coffee and Bulwark Cider House, Luis will be receiving some in-store credit which he can use towards new sports equipment plus gift cards to delicious food and beverages! Be sure to show your gratitude to Luis when you see him out on the tennis court or soccer pitch… And from everyone at our organization,THANK YOU Luis for everything you do! 🙂