Halifax PLAYS

Halifax PLAYS programs can only run due to the effort put in behind the scenes from our many incredible volunteers. Without the volunteers’ vision to create their ideal sports league we would not be able to create amazing community sports accessible to all. This month, we wish to highlight and give thanks to DJ for all the time and commitment he has given in organizing the ball hockey league. 

DJ’s first experience with Halifax PLAYS was around eight years ago when he attended his first weekend game of ball hockey. After this return to the sport he could not stop himself from coming back to play some more. After playing in the league for a while there came a day when the organizers could no longer commit to running the program, thankfully DJ stepped up to run the program himself. After having so much fun playing in the league it was his way of giving back to players like himself and keep the program going.

Although the volunteer process was not without its hurdles. DJ described it as a “trial by fire” and extended his thanks to fellow players Dave and Greg who were able to lend a hand on and off for a few years. When talking about the ups and downs of being an organizer DJ said “There is just a level of responsibility and accountability that I did not expect. Ultimately, I am thankful for it because it has helped me grow and mature as a person.”

DJ’s advice for new volunteers is to not be afraid to ask for help. Although running your own league can often feel entirely upon you there are often plenty of people right there willing to lend a hand. “I started to lean on others to help ease the burden I placed on myself. I think that was an incredibly important lesson for me to learn.” Striking a good balance is key especially in avoiding burnout and stress. By relieving the pressure on yourself as a volunteer you will inadvertently improve the quality and environment of your league.

We are really grateful for all the time and effort DJ has put into maintaining an awesome ball hockey league. Through our partnership with Sportwheels and Bulwark Cider House, DJ will be receiving some in-store credit which he can use towards some new hockey gear and some delicious cider! Be sure to give DJ a high five when you see him for hockey next year.

THANK YOU DJ & thank you to all our incredible volunteers! 🙂