Halifax PLAYS

Halifax PLAYS only runs because of the dozens of incredible volunteers behind the scenes who give their time to make community sport accessible to all. Our community is extremely fortunate to have countless individuals give their time and energy to running leagues smoothly. Behind every league there is a volunteer who devotes themselves to achieving the highest levels of player involvement and enjoyment. This month, we would like to acknowledge the long lasting and high level devotion that Curtis Robarts has shown to his leagues as both a player and organizer.

Curtis first joined Halifax PLAYS as a player for a softball team of individuals. More than five years have passed and the team is still going strong. This not only shows the ability Curtis has to support his community but also the lasting impact sports can have when building relationships. This inclusive experience has also been carried over into his leagues with one individual player saying “It made a huge impact on my life because it got me back into sports and helped me meet a great group of people that have become my friends”.

When asking others about Curtis many attested to his commitment and organization of his leagues. “Curtis is always going above and beyond for the league!”. He organizes the schedule and does everything he can to accommodate everyone. He ensures equipment is safe and he has even taken it on himself in the past to umpire many games played. He always makes sure to touch base with captains to ensure they are enjoying the program and have everything they need!

However there are undoubtedly ups and downs to being a sports organizer which come throughout the season. It can be difficult to provide players with everything they need and when certain expectations cannot be met it can be hard on you as an organizer. Softball can also raise its own hurdles in scheduling and rule balancing. Although Curtis likes to counteract these low points by making the highs even greater. Curtis has involved himself and other softball members in additional external events such as year end parties and various fundraisers from which they donate to Feed NS and Hope for WildLife!

When asked to give advice to someone looking to volunteer Curtis had the following to say. “For new volunteers I would say get to know the people. I’ve yet to see a league that isn’t filled by genuinely great people who make the experience and additional effort you put in worth it. I can say the same to the other organizers and board members, you really see that passion throughout the organization.”

Through our partnership with Sportwheels, Curtis is receiving in-store credit which can be used to renew his softball gear. Chainyard Cider will also be donating towards his award, they have had a company softball team in the past and were very excited to be able to honour Curtis for all his hard work as a volunteer. If you see Curtis on the diamond, be sure to give him a (virtual) high five for all the hard work he has put into our organization. THANK YOU to all our incredible volunteers 🙂