Halifax PLAYS


Halifax PLAYS only runs because of the dozens of incredible volunteers behind the scenes who give their time to create programs in their vision and make community sport accessible to all.  This month, we would like to give thanks to the incredible Miranda Janes for her commitment to helping with our volleyball and softball programs over the last three years and beyond.


Miranda had her first volunteer experience when serving as a team captain for softball, namely for “The Disappointments” squad. And contrary to their name, they’ve been nothing but positive contributors to the league, big thanks to Miranda’s leadership, with her friendliness, welcoming attitude and helpfulness often highlighted by teammates. To quote one teammate, “She always shows up at the games with a smile and promotes a positive environment to play in!” Miranda has consistently fostered an environment for building connections and because of this, both her team and our softball program in general has grown many new and strong friendships.

Since moving from a captain to league organizer role in recent years, Miranda has frequently shown her commitment to our softball players by always going the extra mile in fulfilling her responsibilities. This past year, she worked diligently to keep on top of rapidly changing COVID protocols, in particular to coordinate with captains as playing requirements saw many shifts. And possibly one of the most extraordinary moments as a volunteer came this season during playoffs, when after arriving for their playoff game, Miranda and others were met with a flooded diamond. Instead of canceling the games like most would, she took the time to diligently lead a crew cleaning most of the water and spent a couple hours raking the fields and clearing the facility of garbage, just to ensure our teams could finish out their tournament.

Equally, Miranda has been a huge contributor at our semi-competitive volleyball program, where she has served as an organizer in both lead and support roles during recent seasons. From setting up nets to sorting equipment to getting registrations going, one co-organizer shares that “Miranda is always willing to help and does so much of the gritty work behind-the-scenes that’s not seen but crucial to having any successful program.” A teacher during the day, Miranda’s love for volleyball extends beyond PLAYS, and she can often be seen coaching elementary school kids in the sport or working with other community groups to give back in different ways.

We really are grateful to Miranda for everything she’s done for Halifax PLAYS and her broader community through the years, as a player, captain and now league organizer. Through our partnership with Sportwheels and Bulwark Cider House, Miranda will be receiving in-store credit which can be used to renew her sports equipment and grab a tasty cider! If you see her out there, be sure to give her a smile and a (virtual) high five for all the hard work she puts in for her players.

THANK YOU Miranda & thank you to all our incredible volunteers! 🙂